Zabit: "I would love to fight with the winner of the Volkanovski-Aldo fight"

May 3, 2019

Zabit Magomedsharipov in his recent interview to Russian UFC YouTube channel has mentioned that he is waiting for the results of the Volkanovski-Aldo fight that is about to happen on May, 11 in Brazil. Zabit said that he is expecting Aldo to win, however, he has followed Volkanovski’s career for years and he would love to meet with him in the octagon.

He also commented on his own fight with Stephens: “Many said it was not that spectacular, and that is true. However, I believe that you can’t make a show when you meet someone from the top in the octagon. You cannot risk. I also think that my fight with Stephens was one of the best in comparison with all other contenders of his”.

Magomedsharipov also mentioned he is still expecting a fight for the title of the Champion in 2019. To the mention of the host that a fight between Zabit and Holloway would please numerous fans all around the world, Zabit said that he would like to battle Max Holloway too.