Interview with Igor Egorov

November 13, 2019

Zabit Magomedsharipov has 18 victories and 1 loss in his professional career. The defeat is a fight with Igor Egorov in Rostov-on-Don in April 2013. Vadim Tikhomirov (“MatchTV”) found out from Igor how it was.

Rostov-on-Don, April 14, 2013. Tournament Pro FC 43. An undefeated 22-year-old Zabit Magomedsharipov comes with 4-0 statistics and meets 24-year-old Igor Egorov. This will end with the first and so far the only defeat of Zabit, the future No. 5 of the UFC featherweight rating.

– At that time, the Pro FC promotion held the lightweight grand prix: I won Maxim Soldatenko in Kharkov and then Gaetano Pirrello in Chekhov,” says Yegorov. – And in the final he went to Zabit. When you fight in the eight, you immediately start looking at your opponents, whom you can potentially meet. I had an interesting situation: either Zabit or Iftikhor Arbobov went to the finals, from which at that moment I myself had the only defeat, and I really wanted to take revenge from him. It turns out that either a very cool fighter or a very strong drummer would have reached the finals with me, because it was already said about Zabit that he had a very good stance. Our semifinals were at one tournament in Chekhov, and in the Zabit stance then he simply destroyed Arbobov, did not let him do anything, and I realized that I had to seriously prepare.

– Where and how did you train for this fight?

– Then I still had no opportunity to travel somewhere and somehow prepare in a special way. I trained all the time in my Olympus gym in Zelenograd. He began to look for high sparring partners, because Zabit is taller than me, his arms are longer. In general, my only advantage was that I served in the sports team, competed in hand-to-hand combat, and there were just a lot of guys from Dagestan with a base from Wushu Sanda, and I often sparred with them and got used to some things. I knew that they hit a lot of U-turns. They kick the liver well, backfists. They can translate from the rack when it is caught on the move, in the opposite direction. Such a transfer, when the power work is minimum, but due to timing can be thrown. At Zabit, this is very good throughout his career.

– What did you expect?

– Then I really was in very good shape, I trained a lot, that’s how they say that who trains more, he wins, so I wanted to do, just the volumes were very large. And in terms of tactics, he decided that it was necessary to close the body well, look behind his legs, and thought that he would have to try to fight.

– It seemed that he, two minutes after the start, was already confidently interrupting you in the stance.

– It also seemed to me that he generally wants to prematurely end the fight and knock me out. In the first minutes, I noted that his legs are very stiff. Blows – as if they beat you with reinforcement; at the same time, on his hands was approximately, as I thought, the body must be closed, but in general he does not have as much strength as in his legs: he throws out a lot, hits him clearly, but people don’t fall. Well, in fact, I understood that he was losing more power than me, and I was taking more damage than him. He started well, but spent a lot of energy in the first round. I rested before the start of the second, but by the end of the second I was clearly noticeably hooked. And I noticed this myself, and it gave me extra strength. I will not hide, I am also tired, but I think less than Zabit.

– Some of the blows he shook in the first two rounds?

– It happens that you miss the blows and start walking, or once – something was taken away, you don’t feel any part of the face, it literally goes numb, but there wasn’t such a thing at all. I blocked the body, there was even a dissection on my head, but there wasn’t such a thing for me to podzagulit, so these were not the most powerful blows of all that I missed. And then he got tired, the speed went a little, and when he punched with his foot in the second round, I managed to catch it and translate it. We generally expected to fight with him, but it wasn’t so easy to knock him down, but here we managed to catch his leg, because the speed was gone. And in that episode, I think, in principle, he left a lot of strength when he himself tried to take me in and was tired.

– You caught him with the elbow lever – this is a well-known, but far from the most popular trick in MMA.

– There are times when you have this or that trick: I then got a triangle and a lever. I constantly did these two techniques in training: I saw a hand and immediately tried to do it from any position. And here it worked: I was on top, I saw a straight hand and just tried it, purely intuitively. And it turned out. Now I’m reviewing, in principle, I can’t even say what exactly he did wrong: he straightened his hand, probably, and if he was pushing me in the stomach, and not in the shoulder, maybe I would not have come to this reception.

– Was it a category higher than he is performing now?

– Yes, we were fighting in lightweight (up to 70.3 kg), at the time of the battle, I think that I was 76-77 kg, and Zabit, as far as I know, just after this fight fell into a featherweight.

– How much did you get paid for that fight?

– I do not hide, but it’s hard to remember, I think, about four thousand dollars. It was the grand prix final, for that time it was not a bad fee.

– Communicated with Zabit before or after the fight?

– By the way, it somehow happened to him that we, it seems to me, didn’t even say words to each other and then almost did not intersect, although I follow his career, I watch the fights, it’s interesting to me.

– Have you ever been offered revenge?

– Yes, if this can be considered an offer. It was such that someone on his part wrote to me on VKontakte that Zabit wants revenge. They wrote that he was not in shape, that in another battle everything would be different. Honestly, I’m not even sure that these were people familiar with him, so somehow it all ended in nothing. Moreover, I then had some other plans. And by the way, more recently, they also wrote something similar, moreover, it’s also not very welcoming and without specifics.

– Statistics Scored after this fight 14-0 and 6-0 in the UFC, you have 6-7. How do you explain why it happened?

– Such things can generally be explained to myself for a long time, and I probably would not want to do this publicly. A career in MMA is a combination of many factors. Apparently, at Zabit they coincided a little better, I do not. Once again: I can only be glad for him and that he has everything so happened.

– If Zabit suddenly has any principles, would you agree to fight again?

– Yes.

– How much?

– Since now this fight is, in principle, incredible, it is difficult to speak. On the one hand, I would agree for free, simply because it would be the most interesting offer for me and it is now very high in ratings. But if I had to earn money, then probably it would be more than the standard fee in the UFC.

– There is a feeling that, in principle, Zabit’s shortcomings, which were opened then, remain today.

– I repeat, I believe that he is a very high-level fighter, but I watched his last fight, and, probably, yes, there is something like that. He can still catch the courage or hack and spend more energy than necessary. As before, she doesn’t beat as hard with her hands as with her legs. Does not drop people with hands.

– Now they are actively talking about his fight with Max Holloway, the UFC champion in his weight.

– It will be difficult. It seems to me that Holloway has exactly the data that Zabit is hard to handle: firstly, he did not fight for five rounds, and Max knows how to spend long fights, knows how to raise the pace. He’s beating harder from the hands, and I also noticed that it’s not very convenient for Zabit to work with the second number when they immediately begin to put pressure on him and do not let him go. Well, Holloway does it very well. From the first minutes he can make him retreat and get tired because of this.

– But it’s more profitable for you to have Zabit win this fight – will you be the only one who won the UFC champion?

– Yes, and so I always root for him in principle. Not out of mercantile considerations, but in general: it’s very bright, very technical, if they give him one of the tops in the UFC, I will watch it with interest and will support him.

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